Yann The CorrupTed – CD – Dangerous Youth

Unsere CD des Monats März 2012

Yann The CorrupTed – Dangerous Youth

Neben England ist wohl Frankreich das Land mit den meisten Teddyboys. Und so verwundert es nicht, dass gerade dieser junge Mann ein gebürtiger Franzose ist.

Diese CD ist ein echter Kracher! Im Booklet hat sich Lou Cifer verewigt und besser kann man die Scheibe auch nicht beschreiben:
“…Mr. Gourmelon should be known as a professional musician on the Ted scene to almost everyone. What we have here – finally and eagerly awaited – is his own vision of Rock’n’Roll – it’s CorrupTed. You may wonder if the name is the game. We get gifted with great self penned lyrics plus amazing sounds and rhythm that altogether catch the spirit of the Teds perfectly. Just listen to the songs and you’ll know what CorrupTed means.
Yann has also played almost all the instruments himself – boy, is there anything in this world this man can’t do? I don’t have a favourite song on this album, because they are all great, and I can rarely say this about any album.
The tracks are all written and arranged by Yann and are diversified and intelligent. Perhaps I should point out the number “We are the Teds”, not because I think it’s better than the other cuts, but because it’s already an anthem song among the Ted crowd…”
“This record is a weapon – sharp as a razor, beats har”
Yann The CorrupTed - Dangerous Youth
Dangerous Youth
Bus Stop Hop
I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Fool
The Ton Up Boys
Violent Playground
Shane Fenton’s Shirt
Please Tell Me
Put You Down
Since You Broke That Heart Of Mine
Goodbye Baby Goodbye
Has-Been Rock N Roll Star
A Dagger And An Edwardian Suit
We Are The Teds
Rose Of Love
My Grandma’s A Teddy Girl

Musikstil: Teddyboy
Label: Rocket Records