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Bowling Shirts - 50s Fashion ClassicsBowling Shirts - 50s Fashion Classics Bowling shirts have proven to be suitable for almost every occasion for decades for good reason. The sporty origin offers the wearer more freedom of movement than classic shirts and the large prints or embroideries on the back are great eyecatcher. In combo with jeans, chinos or trousers, the vintage classics become the perfect 50s outfit.

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50s Fashion for Spring50s Fashion for Spring 50s fashion was characterized by dresses, petticoats, high heels and pumps. That is why fashion enjoys great popularity every year when spring arrives. The annoying, bulky and often unattractive winter fashion is stowed away in the wardrobes and the loose spring clothes are freed from the clutches of winter. Thick jeans and down jackets give way to trendy dresses and skirts, uncomfortable sweaters are stowed away and exchanged for chic blouses and light T-shirts.

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