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Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest
Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest
Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest
Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest
Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest
Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest
Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest
Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest

Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greaser's Finest

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Product no.: LCP390

Last Chance: These are unique pieces from an overproduction. The pants have no limitation number on the label.

The limited "Greaser's Finest" feels safe thanks to the popular and well-known shape of Greaser's Gold. But watch out, this model has it all: the finest 15.5 oz RAW Selvedge jeans fabric must first be defied in order to make it docile.
These selvedge jeans are not prewashed, have a deep blue coloring and a casual cut. The high-quality denim has a classic selvage edge in red/white, which is easy to see when you wear the straight-cut trousers in a conventional way with a turn-up. The front view is deliberately simple with an authentic 5-pocket cut and selvage detail on the so-called "coin pocket". The rear has large pockets, the left one has an additional comb pocket with a selvage edge. The entire jeans is quilted in a contrasting way, which gives it the classic blue jeans touch. It is closed with a conventional button fly with logo buttons in old copper. The matching rivets are in the shape of nuts and are refined with a "59" embossing.
  • Material: cotton
  • Exact material: 100% cotton, 15.5 oz high-quality RAW selvedge denim, not prewashed - runs approx. 1 cm in the loop with the 1st wash; Size a
  • Color: blue
  • Pattern: uni
  • Classic, straight cut - also ideal for boots or creepers
  • Basics: classic Button placket (button fly), distinguishing feature: label on the lapel, rivets in the shape of a screw nut with embossing
  • Info: The dimensions in the table of dimensions are measured WITHOUT the envelope!

  • Rumble59 offers a large selection of cool 50s Jeans! These durable selvage jeans with great gimmicks are a must-have for greasers and bad boys.
Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest
About selvage denim:
Selvage denim, otherwise known as "selvedge" (or "self-edged" for the woven fabric's "real" edge) denim, is produced with a clean, "real" selvage edge. The special denim fabric is usually turned into jeans and sold in its original, raw and unwashed state, i. e. as RAW denim. The fabric's distinctive selvage edges become visible when, e. g. the pant legs are rolled up. Woven on old mechanical shuttle looms with a single weft that traverses the entire loom's width back and forth without a break, this particular weaving technique creates the above-mentioned characteristic "self-edge". The resulting edges are less prone to fraying than those created on more recent projectile looms. A classic selvage is usually fixed with colored threads - green, white, brown, yellow, or red - with red being the most common choice. What makes true selvage denim more expensive and exclusive is the slower output (and much narrower width) of traditional shuttle looms, making the entire process a lot more elaborate. For an exceptionally beautiful, individual "wash" of any raw denim or selvage jeans, experts recommend wearing the denim every day for 6-8 months straight before its first wash since this "fixes" the jeans' current state. After the first wash, the color no longer changes or does so only very slowly. Denim freaks even swear by never washing these styles at all - "just keep wearing them" is their declared motto. If at all, they recommend dry-cleaning their precious finds.

Denim care tips, tricks, and hints:
In order to enjoy the unwashed, rough look for a long time, we recommend that you only have these trousers cleaned! A machine wash is certainly possible, but it changes the raw, untreated character of the jeans - therefore it is better to not wash above 40° and to not use the spin cycle! Your denim will also thank you for gentle ironing (setting 2 or below). Turn inside out before laundry and wash with similar colors: Since our jeans are only lightly pre-washed to ensure a beautifully dark, blue hue, they can still lose some dye. This is absolutely normal - any dark blue denim will "bleed" for a while because long-lasting color requires several rounds in an indigo bath. This iconic dye, however, is not colorfast by nature, leading to the characteristic, natural aging process these fabrics are famous for. So, please take a little care when you are near light-colored fabrics, wallpaper, or bags. Your own body heat can also encourage color transfer to lighter clothing like underwear, socks, and shoes. All Rumble 59 jeans are manufactured from premium quality fabrics and according to the highest environmental standards. Absolutely no chemical additives or bleaching agents have been used in the process.

Last Chance - Rumble59 - Selvage Denim Greasers Finest