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CTH Ericson of Sweden - Vintage Caps für Men

CTH Ericson of Sweden - Stylish Caps for men with a timeless retro look

CTH Ericson was founded in 1885 by Carl Theodor Ericson. First Ericson established a shop for hats and caps in Borlänge in Sweden. Later on the company began manufacturing its own hats and caps. Today it successfully delivers headgear to many countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. Not surprising since caps by CTH Ericson are as robust as they are good looking. Made of different materials they open up many possibilities to look good the whole year through.

Authentic flat caps with a modern touch

Ready to take a trip back in time? Flat caps by CTH Ericson are reminiscent of the golden days of early jazz, alcohol smugglers and hidden speak easies. With a timeless authentic vintage look they are stylish and versatile. If you war caps for men by CTH Ericson with jeans and a rockabilly shirt or with bracelets and chinos is up to you. In any case your hair is protected agains rain and wind. Take a look at the big variety of caps for men by CTH Ericson in our shop and get prepared for bad hair days.