Rumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue SteelRumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue Steel
Rumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue Steel

Rumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue Steel

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Product no.: RUM033B
After many months of hard work, buckets of sweat, and the odd broken finger in the sewing shop, Rumble59 is more than proud to present the true heavyweight champion of selvage denim: Blue Steel. Woven from indestructible 21-ounce raw selvage denim, tough to the core, and to be broken in by real guys only. Strictly limited to 500 pairs and shipped in a solid wooden box. Sure, our previous range of 12-15 oz Rumble59 jeans already had you covered for most situations, but this beast is the one for those really grueling jobs. Despite the ultra-heavy fabric, the jeans are a joy to wear and the perfect reliable, custom companion for challenging times: whether down in the mine, braving the waves, or covering miles on those endless highways.

A class of their own and strictly limited: robust 21-ounce heavyweight 50s jeans with extra cool details.

With their deep-blue dye and classic straight fit, these selvage jeans cut from - believe it or not - premium 21 oz selvage denim boast a seminal red/white selvage seam. Despite the heavy quality and extra-strong fabric, the raw (i. e. not pre-washed) denim pants are so comfortable that you won't ever want to take them off - just the right style to make them your own. Subtle details leave the striking denim plenty of room to shine: Deep front pockets are matched by a beautiful rear with cinchback and V-59 logo embroidery on the large back pockets. The robust leather label deserves extra attention: Fine laser etching highlights the individual numbering of this limited (edition of 500) product. If you'd like to add some authentic suspenders, there are dedicated logo buttons on the waistband, while bronze buttons and studs come with a cool skull-and-crossbones design. Naturally, there's also a classic button-fly. And to celebrate these rare 21-ounce beauties in style, they come in a solid wooden box with sharp laser etching - feel free to reuse this box to smuggle moonshine, hide some sharp weapons, or store all those spare nuts, bolts, and screws.

The 21 oz Denim Blue Steel highlights at a glance:

  • Material: cotton
  • Composition: 100 % cotton, premium 21 oz RAW selvage denim, unwashed - will shrink approx. 1 cm in length after the first wash
  • Color: blue
  • Pattern: uni
  • Classic straight fit - also great with boots or creepers
  • Basics: timeless button-fly, trademark: label on turn-up
  • Details: cinchback, logo embroidery on back pockets, skull-and-crossbones studs and buttons
  • Shipped in a high-end wooden box with laser etching
  • Please note: The stated sizes and measurements are measured WITHOUT a turn-up!

Rumble59 offers a great selection of cool 1950s denim styles!These hard-wearing selvage jeans with matching wrench complete any serious rockabilly wardrobe.
Rumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue Steel
Background information on selvage denim:
Selvage denim, otherwise known as "selvedge" (or "self-edged" for the woven fabric's "real" edge) denim, is produced with a clean, "real" selvage edge. The special denim fabric is usually turned into jeans and sold in its original, raw and unwashed state, i. e. as RAW denim. The fabric's distinctive selvage edges become visible when, e. g. the pant legs are rolled up. Woven on old mechanical shuttle looms with a single weft that traverses the entire loom's width back and forth without a break, this particular weaving technique creates the above-mentioned characteristic "self-edge". The resulting edges are less prone to fraying than those created on more recent projectile looms. A classic selvage is usually fixed with colored threads - green, white, brown, yellow, or red - with red being the most common choice. What makes true selvage denim more expensive and exclusive is the slower output (and much narrower width) of traditional shuttle looms, making the entire process a lot more elaborate. For an exceptionally beautiful, individual "wash" of any raw denim or selvage jeans, experts recommend wearing the denim every day for 6-8 months straight before its first wash since this "fixes" the jeans' current state. After the first wash, the color no longer changes or does so only very slowly. Denim freaks even swear by never washing these styles at all - "just keep wearing them" is their declared motto. If at all, they recommend dry-cleaning their precious finds.

Denim care tips, tricks, and hints:
To enjoy the rich, deep blue of our jeans for a long time, please do not wash above 40°! Your denim will also thank you for gentle ironing (setting 2 or below). Turn inside out before laundry and wash with similar colors: Since our jeans are only lightly pre-washed to ensure a beautifully dark, blue hue, they can still lose some dye. This is absolutely normal - any dark blue denim will "bleed" for a while because long-lasting color requires several rounds in an indigo bath. This iconic dye, however, is not colorfast by nature, leading to the characteristic, natural aging process these fabrics are famous for. So, please take a little care when you are near light-colored fabrics, wallpaper, or bags. Your own body heat can also encourage color transfer to lighter clothing like underwear, socks, and shoes. All Rumble 59 jeans are manufactured from premium quality fabrics and according to the highest environmental standards. Absolutely no chemical additives or bleaching agents have been used in the process.

Rumble59 Jeans - RAW Selvage 21oz Denim - Blue Steel
19 Reviews
4.7 / 5 19
Author:  at  25/01/2018
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Top Laden !
Author:  at  20/01/2018
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Super qualité envois rapide et soigné comme d'habitude M
Author:  at  09/01/2018
Evaluation:3 of 5 Stars!
die hose ist sehr schön verarbeitet und bei dieser stoffdicke eigentlich das absolute schnäppchen.leider ist der schnitt im beinbereich unterhalb des knies etwas zu weit.oberhalb des knies ist alles perfekt und sitzt wie es soll .da meine frau schneidermeisterin und bekleidungstechnikerin mit sehr langer berufserfahrung ist konnte sie mir auch erklären was hier nicht ganz stimmt..das ganze scheint mit dem generellen schnitt der hose zu tun zu haben aber den genauen fachterminus kann ich jetzt leider nicht wiedergeben.dies scheint aber bei mehreren herstellern ein problem zu sein.ich denke 50% der käufer wird das eh nicht auffallen und die kriegen auch eine unzerstörbare hose......aber ich hätte doch gerne eine jeans die von der optik/schnitt komplett passt.
Author:  at  19/12/2017
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
DieJeans passt wie angegossen und ist echt ein Wahnsinn , anfangs ist sie steif und schwer( Na klar 21 OZ) aber wenn man sie kurz trägt ist sie super bequem. Verarbeitet..topMaterial Top Passform Top , und wie immer superschnelle Lieferung von Red Hot and Blue. Danke und Frohe Weihnachten
Author:  at  12/12/2017
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!
Die Hose ist der Ober Hammer!!!Ich dachte ich hätte schon paar Jeans,nen scheiß hatte ich!!!!Sie kam in einer obergeilen Holzkiste!!!anprobiert und!!!wie für mich persönlich angefertigt,Top Material Top Passform ...ich liebe diese Jeans jetzt schon...ich hab die 28/500.....Leute ich bin euch dankbar....und wie immer verbeuge ich mich vor Red Hot and Blue für diesen wahnsinnig schnellen Versand!!!!Donnerstag nach 22uhr bestellt Samstag 10uhr anprobiert!!!!!!Danke Leute