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ODonnell Moonshine Wild Berry
ODonnell Moonshine Wild Berry
ODonnell Moonshine Wild Berry
ODonnell Moonshine Wild Berry
ODonnell Moonshine Wild Berry
ODonnell Moonshine Wild Berry

O'Donnell Moonshine Wild Berry

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Product no.: OD07
The Fruity-Sweetness: O'Donnell Moonshine "Wild Berry" - Liqueur with 25% vol.

You want to round off this summer with relish? Then you will love this refreshing blend of raspberries, grapes and blackberries! The Wild Berry captivates with its fiery red colour and its unique fruity, sweet taste. With its 25% vol. the'Wild Berry' is suitable both pure and in many summer drinks.

Only the best ingredients are used for the production and no artificial flavours or colourings. The'wild berry' contains no allergens requiring labelling. All creations are bottled in original American'Mason Jars', which are imported directly from the USA. But of course the'Wild Berry', like all products, is also produced in Germany according to the old rules of craftsmanship and distilling.
  • Raspberry, grapes and blackberries
  • In the original "Mason Jar"
  • 25 % vol.
  • Available from 18 years!
  • Fruity-sweet taste
  • Volume: 0.7 litres
  • Made in Germany
  • without artificial flavors or colorants

To the name O'Donnell:

The Moonshine is named after the South Side O'Donnell Gang.
This became known through the Chicago Beer Wars of 1923, in which the O'Donnells fought bloody battles with their adversaries, the Torrio Organization. The war for supremacy in illegal alcohol distribution lasted over two years and cost many lives. Al Capone was in Chicago at the time and joined the Torrio organization. In 1925 he finally took over the business of the Torrios.

Background info on the "Moonshine Booze":

"Moonshine" in the USA is called black alcohol. It is also known as "white lightning", "mountain dew", "hooch" and "Tennessee white whiskey".
Moonshine was ubiquitous in America, especially during prohibition (1919-1933), when alcohol was illegal. Farmers all over the country made it, put it into jars and sold it to smugglers. the jars were a precautionary measure, because buying bottles quickly made it suspicious as a moonshiner.
Even today, abandoned distilleries can still be found in the vast Appalachian Mountains stretching across the states of Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Alabama, Maine, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.
Countless famous stories in connection with Moonshine deal with the smugglers, English "Bootlegger". One of its best-known representatives, "Al Capone", operated a very profitable distribution network for Moonshine and became rich. He went down in history as one of America's most brutal criminals.
Early on, smugglers used alcohol as an energy-rich substitute for gasoline in order to escape the police with their cars. The sport "Stock Car Racing" has its origin in this epoch.

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ODonnell Moonshine Wild Berry