50s PinUp Petticoat - blanc50s PinUp Petticoat - blanc50s PinUp Petticoat - blanc
50s PinUp Petticoat - blanc

50s PinUp Petticoat - blanc

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Which garment needed several centuries to get to perfection regarding shape, look and wearing comfort? Exactly!: The petticoat. It gives every 50s vintage outfit just the perfect look. The petticoat by Red Hot and Blue convinces with soft fabric and great workmanship. Don't hesitate: Get this great petticoat now!

The 50s petticoat gives just the perfect retro look for every pinup girl!

Due to the elastic waistband the classic petticoat has a tight fit at waist and ends in a large, plate-shaped cut. It's made of tight woven tulle which is very soft. The petticoat has five gathered tiers and two layers. That means every peppy twisting is even more fun! The last tier of both layers has a nice and small piping at hem. The petticoat gives medium volume and has the perfect length with 65 cm: It ends approximately at knee. This petticoat is the perfect combination for swing or petticoat dresses as well as for petticoat skirts. It really looks great if a bit of the petticoat is visible underneath of the hem of dress. Gals, what are you waiting for? Go and grab this fantastic petticoat!

Details of this 50s PinUp Petticoat - white:

  • wide, plate-shaped petticoat with two layers
  • each with 5 gathered tiers
  • length approx. 65 cm
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Colour: white
  • available in 4 basic: The size chart gives informations about the perfect size.
  • Attention: The petticoat has no underskirt. The tulle is as soft that it's very comfortable to wear on skin
History of the petticoat
The first hoop petticoats were worn way back at the end of the 16th century. The frames were made of whalebone, wood or metal. This type of Farthingale petticoat, as it was known in English, originated in Spain where it was called Verdugado, or 'guardians of virtue'. Which was very apt, as by the end of the 17th century they were only worn in Spanish courts and had gone out of fashion elsewhere, but made their comeback a few centuries later. Various forms of the hoop petticoat were worn during the mid 18th century: The Pannier (French for basket), also made primarily from wood or whalebone, appeared in around 1715 and was replaced in the middle of the century by the Spring Skirt and the Pocket Hoop petticoat with its pockets sitting on either hip. Later, around the time of the French revolution, the fashion motto of the time was "back to nature". Women of the aristocracy made their social class apparent by wearing heavy satin and silk fabrics with numerous fabric underskirts. Women in lower social classes made do simply by wearing multiple underskirts. Later in the 19th century the hoop petticoat became popular again and this time in the form of the Crinoline. The Crinoline was originally made from horsehair. As they became more widely distributed, spring steel strips were used to make the Crinolines because they were much cheaper to manufacture. In around 1870 the Bustle came into fashion, which only plumped up the back section of the skirt. The so-called Bustle Skirt disappeared from women's fashion at the end of the century. And since then, apart from its brief reappearance in the form of the "War Crinoline", the hoop petticoat has only been apparent in wedding dresses and historical costumes. Many years later - approx. at 1954 - the petticoat was born again due to the appearance of Rock'n'Roll music. Till that time the petticoat is very popular in all kinds of length and colours.

The brand Red Hot and Blue offers great 50s Vintage Fashion for reasonable prices. The classic white petticoat completes your rockabella outfit perfectly!
50s PinUp Petticoat - blanc
6 Évaluation
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Auteur:  de  06.06.2019
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The item is great and it fits for my size! It perfectly fits underneath my Sweet Polkadots skirt, I also ordered.
Auteur:  de  27.12.2017
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
Passt. Sitzt super
Auteur:  de  03.03.2017
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passt, angenehm zu tragen
Auteur:  de  21.08.2016
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Passt perfekt. Wirklich klasse Teil.
Auteur:  de  01.10.2015
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Tolles Teil. Die Länge ist perfekt, das Material weich und mit dem Petticoat sitzen und fliegen sämtliche Tellerröcke wunderbar. Alles wie es sein soll. Vielen Dank sagt Betty Sue.