Dax Red Wave & GroomDax Red Wave & Groom
Dax Red Wave & Groom

Dax Red Wave & Groom

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Numéro d`article: HAIR001

Dax Red Wave & Groom

Pomade with extra firm hold.
Groom offers extra firm hold, especially for wavy hair and strong whirls, while maintaining tough resilience in all situations. Whether on parties or at concerts, at the pool or during sports, in the summer's heat or during the rainy, windy fall: with this pomade, your hairdo will remain in perfect shape with brilliant shine, yet still is able to be styled.
Due to the creamy consistence, DAX Wave & Groom is the ideal product to work even hard to manage or thick hair into a perfect quiff, making it a better choice than hair gel.
Once applied, it lasts all day without drying out and keeps your hair in place, yet flexible. You'll never feel like wearing a rock on your head again. Compared to liquid gel, pomade from Dave Wave & Groom is firmer and stickier, and you'll need a little practice to achieve the desired result at first. But when the pomade is warmed a little from your skin (or with a blow dryer), the hair can be styled perfectly.
Once you have some more experience with this product, you'll never want to go back to gel.

Dax Wave & Groom in the red tin is a great base to get some shape in thick or wavy hair, and works even better when paired with Murray's Super Light, Murray's Hair Glo, or DAX Short & Neat (in the blue tin), which give the finishing touch to your style.

Firmness and Scent: Dax Wave & Groom is honey colored and odorless, similar to honey and just as sticky with a firm, thick texture.
Beginners might have a little trouble trying to spread this product evenly.

Tips for usage and styling:

with firm hair wax pomades like DAX Wave & Groom, NunNile oder Murrays Superior, initial applications can be frustrating, because the pomade tends to stick to your fingers like glue and it's hard to work it into the hair.
Helpful hint: warm the pomade with a blow dryer prior to use. For thin hair, scoop out a finger of pomade. For thick hair, use two fingers. Spread the product by rubbing it in the palms of your hands. If you're just starting out, definitely consider using less than more at first. Now run your hands and fingers across your hair or through it. Once the pomade hardens again, use a comb to bring hair into the desired shape.

Contents: 3oz - 100gr. No colors or preservatives

Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Lanolin, Fragrance (Parfum), Benzyl Benzoate Coumarin, Geranoil, Linalool
Dax Red Wave & Groom
79 Évaluation
4.7 / 5 79
Auteur:  de  03.04.2019
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top halt, tausend mal besser als gel oder wachs
Auteur:  de  21.08.2018
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
beste schmiere der welt!
Auteur:  de  17.08.2016
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
der Dax ist dem Murrays sehr ähnlich im Halt u. Geruch. Konsistenz und auch die Farbe der Pomade sind täuschend ähnlich. Ich bin zwar Murrays Fan..aber hier auch volle Punktzahl
Auteur:  de  20.10.2015
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
super produkt....... nehme sie seit jahren und bin hoch zufrieden....thema auswaschen...ja lässt sich schwer raus kriegen...aber mit spülmittel also fit oder olivenöl geht es top raus...ausserdem funktioniert head &shoulders super........ beim friseur mit conditioner waschen lassen und das zeug ist raus.........
Auteur:  de  22.08.2015
Évaluation:3 de 5 étaoiles!
Wer eine preiswerte Pomade sucht, ist genau richtig. Aber klebrig wie Honig oder hart ist diese Pomade leider nicht. Ich hatte mir nach den ganzen anderen Bewertungen etwas anderes erwartet.