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Lou Cifer - Rockville Nocturne
Lou Cifer - Rockville Nocturne
Lou Cifer - Rockville Nocturne
Lou Cifer - Rockville Nocturne

Lou Cifer - Rockville Nocturne

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Numéro d`article: LC020
The third record of the band includes the hymn "A Teddy Boy's Prayer", a popular singalong at live gigs. The songs "I Ain't Got No Love" and "Blood On The Rats" are part of the soundtrack from the movie "Denim Without A Cause" by Rumble 59. The band usually starts every live show with "Blood On The Rats". A smack in the mouth! All lyrics are included in the booklet next to pictures of "Lou Cifer and the Hellions".


  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Blood On The Cats
  • 3. Dagger Road
  • 4. Hey, Mr Judge
  • 5. Pass That Liquor
  • 6. I'm Gonna Do It Tomorrow
  • 7. The End Of A Day
  • 8. Rock'n'Roll In My Head
  • 9. Aggressive Behaviour
  • 10. Use For Your Booze
  • 11. Shake Your Chassis
  • 12. Rockabilly Roll
  • 13. Bad Ghost
  • 14. Lake Of Beer
  • 15. I Ain't Got No Love
  • 16. The Great Long Bar
  • 17. Teddy Boy's Prayer
  • 18. Devils Band
  • 19. Epilogue

LOU CIFER and the Hellions

They never wanted to be a commercial successful band and yet - or maybe because of that - they enjoy cult status internationally. Mission accomplished! An English rock'n'roll magazine nailed it and ranked the quartet among the hottest bands of the scene.
Since 1995, they have been distilling their distinctive sound in the dusty coal cellars and dark bomb shelters of the Ruhr Area in Germany. Many of their old albums are out of stock and now highly coveted collectibles. These albums will be finally released again on CD.
Lou Cifer and the Hellions have been cooperating with Rumble59 for more than 10 years now. They are currently working on their newest album which is expected to be released in 2018. Why it takes so long? Well, good whisky has to ripe for a while...

Musik Genre: Teddyboy Rock and Roll
Label: 57 Records

Now available at www.rockabilly-rules.com - for more rockabilly in your life!
Lou Cifer - Rockville Nocturne
72 Évaluation
4.8 / 5 72
Auteur:  de  06.10.2020
Coole Musik ¶
Auteur:  de  23.06.2020
RocknRoll in my Head triffts ganz gut nohhr! ;)
Auteur:  de  06.02.2020
Einfach nur TOP - rundum sehr gelungene Stücke, die absolut mitreißen! Wer hier nichts spürt bzw. sich nicht regt, ist scheintot ;-)
Auteur:  de  06.07.2019
Super gefällt mir sehr gut
Auteur:  de  09.03.2019
Super Sound genau das Richtige in meinem alten Chevy