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The history of banned dates back to January 1990.
It all begun at a little market stall in Greenwich and fast expanded to other hot spots in London like Carnaby Street, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street and Camden Town to name a few.

Must have: Banned's handbags

As a specialist for retro-styled alternative fashion, Banned makes ★ pin-ups hearts ★ leap for joy with swing dresses, petticoats, cardigans and 50s pants. To make the outfits complete, the brand offeres a broad range of sexy high heels, hair accessoires and barrets. The handbags show great details every rockabella desires: polka dots, swallows, sweet cherries, anchors and ribbons!

Banned Apparel | 50s Online Shop

Montre1 jusqu´a 40 (de 68 articles en tout)
Montre1 jusqu´a 40 (de 68 articles en tout)