Patch - Schmiere-Proud to be a greaser - Rumble59
Patch - Schmiere-Proud to be a greaser - Rumble59

Patch - Schmiere-Proud to be a greaser - Rumble59

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Patch - Schmiere-Proud to be a greaser - Rumble59

Proud to be a greaser!
If that's your attitude, then the Rumble59 is - Patches Goo Proud to be a greaser just right for you!
Our popular Schmiere Raven is now available as a patch. Easy to iron, it holds rock solid.
Patches have a long tradition, originally there were badges for official rankings or markings.A real revival took place in the 80s, patches were designed for various concerts and events and represented a memory.
Meanwhile patches have become genuine accessories and inseparable part of the fashion. Because a single patch can make a real unique on garment!

Details about this patch:

  • design: Schmiere Raven-Proud to be a greaser
  • Also suitable for ironing´!
  • Diameter: 8,5cm

Be prepared for a new kind of rockin' good patch!

Patch - Schmiere-Proud to be a greaser - Rumble59
5 Évaluation
4.8 / 5 5
Auteur:  de  15.11.2019
Évaluation:4 de 5 étaoiles!
Klasse Patch!
Auteur:  de  04.10.2018
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
Top Qualität
Auteur:  de  13.02.2018
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
Super cooler Aufnäher von Rumble 59, like to be a greaser,er kam natürlich sofort auf meine Harigton Jacke,let's Rock n roll ;)
Auteur:  de  15.04.2016
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
Einfach cooles Motiv und sehr gute qualität
Auteur:  de  14.10.2014
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
Sehr cooler Aufnäher! Gut verarbeitet und auch nach Wochen im guten Zustand.