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Rumble59 - Autocollant Burlesque
Rumble59 - Autocollant Burlesque

Rumble59 - Autocollant Burlesque

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Numéro d`article: RUM936
Booze, Boobs & Bars! We all love alliterations - especially if they're as convincing! Get to know Sassy Celeste's best features. She's got more than enough of it. But be warned: The sweet eyes of Celeste may let your heart beat faster, but her stainless steel switchblade can rip it out if you're too daring.

Sexy 50s burlesque design with all elements right on point.

A sleazy little shack in one of Bourbon Street's offbeat areas is the kingdom of "Sassy Celeste". Celeste is not only the top Burlesque Dancer of "The Burlesque Lounge", but also its' stone-cold manager and a well known ruler of New Orleans's Underworld. So don't mess with one of her girls or dare to start a fight at the bar.

This sticker is printed on strong film and blanked out afterwards. Of course it'll even survive a tough field work. Decorate your car, your bazooka, your guitar case or your laptop. We're sure you'll find more suitable places for a worthy presentation of the convincing sticker by Rumble59.

The Rumble59 Sticker Burlesque at a glance:

  • diameter: 11 cm
  • high-gloss
  • printed on strong film, blanked out afterwards
Rumble59 offers stylish sticker for lovers of the rock'n'roll style! The sticker Burlesque shouldn't lack in a proper rockabilly household.
Rumble59 - Autocollant Burlesque
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 de  12.05.2021
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