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Rumble59 - Buckle Strong and Dirty
Rumble59 - Buckle Strong and Dirty
Rumble59 - Buckle Strong and Dirty
Rumble59 - Buckle Strong and Dirty
Rumble59 - Buckle Strong and Dirty
Rumble59 - Buckle Strong and Dirty

Rumble59 - Buckle Strong and Dirty

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Numéro d`article: RUM274
The cool 3D look and the awesome design are responsible for the uniqueness of this buckle. To bring your rockabilly outfit to perfection this buckle is just the right accessory. It's made from pewter. Buckle up! You'll be excited by the high-class material and the elaborated workmanship. What are you waiting for?

Rock'n'roll and functionality captured on this fantastic hotrod buckle.

Strong like a V8 Flathead, dirty like a Dirttrack.
Strong like a Miner's muscle, dirty like a sailor's mouth.
Strong like a woman's will, dirty like a harlot's mind.
Strong like your switchblade's steel, dirty like your fighting tricks.

The front of the buckle looks great with the convex hotrod, which is framed by checkered flags. The skull looks grimly from the radiator grille. Strong and Dirty!: The lettering is deepened and is accentuated by a red glasing. The simple back brings the elaborated front to perfection: It's engraved with a meaningful wisdom:

"All scratched and dirty with a cracked windshield and the paint job's really bad. She's a dog on top but a devil underneath and she'll make a fool of you."

The convincing details of this cool buckle:

  • Material: zinc
  • Colour: old-silver
  • Size: ca. 12 x 7 cm
  • Elaborated design
  • High-class materials and workmanship
  • You can find the matching belts right here!
Rumble59 offers cool and useful accessories for lovers of the rock'n'roll style! This hotrod buckle will be your next favorite accessory!
Rumble59 - Buckle Strong and Dirty
12 Évaluation
5 / 5 12
Auteur:  de  20.06.2019
Schön grosses Buckle
Auteur:  de  17.06.2019
Sehr coole Gürtelschnalle
Auteur:  de  11.05.2019
Top Qualität und Verarbeitung!
Auteur:  de  07.12.2018
Ich bin sehr begeistert mein Mann wird sich über sein Weihnachtsgeschenk sehr freuen
Auteur:  de  25.10.2018