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Rumble59 Gobelet démail - Devils Booze
Rumble59 Gobelet démail - Devils Booze
Rumble59 Gobelet démail - Devils Booze
Rumble59 Gobelet démail - Devils Booze

Rumble59 Gobelet d'émail - Devil's Booze

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Numéro d`article: RUM609
Let's pay homage to Satan by drinking his brewage from the designated enamel mug. The holy grail for your favorite coffee! This is one of the most fantastic coffee mugs from enamel! It depictly demonstrates how a convenient object turns into an absolute eye-catcher!

Nostalgia meets coolness: Classic enamel mug in diabolical appearance.

This enamel mug keeps the coffees' black soul, brewed in the pits of hell and on the devil's fire to be served hot as purgatory. One cup each morning sells your soul to the demon of the coffeebean. The cup "Devil's Booze" by Rumble59 looks great in satanic red with a decorating edge in black. The front and inner bottom is refined with transfer brands in white. Of course the enamel mug is also suitable for tea and furthermore available as package deal with the great "Devil's Booze - Blended Scotch Whisky"!

Enamel mugs are absolutely a classic under coffee mugs. They are extra resistant and long-lasting because of the special manufacturing method. Due to the burnt surface products from enamel are resistant against fruit acid and bucking as well as dirt- and bacillus-resistant. Additionally they're from natural and eco-friendly basic material and therefore recyclable.

The convincing details at a glance:

  • High-class enamel with strong steel center
  • Colour: red/ black
  • Height: approx. 9 cm
  • Hold capacity: approx. 400 ml
  • Suitable for all kinds of stoves - incl. the good old camping stove
  • Resistant against fruit acid and bucking
  • Dishwasher resistant
  • 100% recyclable
Your kitchen isn't decorated by any products from enamel yet? Just like in the good old times? This is the right time to make the first step into the right direction! This enamel mug by Rumble59 combines nostalgia, quality and design.
Rumble59 Gobelet démail - Devils Booze
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Auteur:  de  04.08.2020
Die Tasse rockt. Preis-Leistungsverhältnis klasse und Whisky passt genug rein.
Auteur:  de  11.06.2019
Sehr geile Tasse! Wird ein Geschenk, tolle Qualität!
Auteur:  de  03.04.2018
Super Raik
Auteur:  de  28.02.2018
Super Tasse,Geht ein schöner grosser Kaffee rein.Was man halt beachten muss.Der Griff passt sich der Kaffeetemperatur an.Dafür wird der Kaffee ein bisschen schneller kalt als bei einer Keramiktasse.
Auteur:  de  21.02.2018
Ein super Becher,genau die richtige Grösse für Kaffee.