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Rumble59 - Patch Go Fast or Die Slow
Rumble59 - Patch Go Fast or Die Slow

Rumble59 - Patch Go Fast or Die Slow

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Numéro d`article: RUM673
Feel the earth tremble and smell the scent of burning rubber and gas. This is how the South Cal boys did it back in the early 50s when they met for their merciless suburban races with the first flathead motors. Do you think you are on a par with these hot-heads? Then pay homage to the motors from yesteryear with this simplistic, but impactful patch.

Cool Patch inspired by early 50s car club designs.

Patches look back at a long tradition: originally they were used as insignia for professional hierarchies or as emblems. Patches had a big revival During the 80s. They were designed as a piece of memorabilia for bands, concerts and other events. These days, patches are go-to accessories and have found their firm place in fashion. Just one patch is needed to transform a garment into a one of a kind piece.

This patch is fully embroidered and to produce the highly detailed image only quality yarns are used. The sturdy back is lined with iron-on material, so that you can choose to sew or iron it on. It's bomb proof either way. Carry on the tradition and pimp up your denim vest, cowl, jacket or worker shirt.

Features of the Rumble59 'Go fast or die slow' patch:

  • Color: black, offwhite
  • Diameter: 8 cm
  • Fully embroidered
  • To sew or iron on

Rumble59 offers cool patches for lovers of the rock'n'roll style. The patch 'Go faster or die slow' should adorn at least one piece of clothing of every car enthusiast.

Rumble59 - Patch Go Fast or Die Slow