Sweet Georgia Brown -Red-Sweet Georgia Brown -Red-
Sweet Georgia Brown -Red-

Sweet Georgia Brown -Red-

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Sweet Georgia Brown

Pomade for medium hold. Sweet Georgia Brown pomade has a rich history. Since the early 30s, it has been popular among both men and women. Not only the pleasant, irresistible smell but also its superior characteristics make this a preferred product still today. With this, Sweet Georgia Brown quickly made its way to New York, the West Coast, the remote south and soon became the synonym for elegance and beauty.
The nostalgic metal tin, which exudes the charm of the early 30s, has been kept unchanged by the company over the years.
The scent of this pomade is one of a kind ? it's sweet and tantalizing on the one hand, but never obtrusive and distracting, even the women were mesmerized.
Not too long ago, the pomade suddenly disappeared from the shelves, but after a 2 year hiatus, Murray brought it back to life. Lucky us! The same time also saw a revival of Sweet Georgia Brown ? Purple (water based) and Sweet Georgia Brown ? Blue, the firmer type of this pomade. Of course you can also find those in our shop.
Sweet Georgia Brown pomade is a true piece of pomade history. At some point, anyone is likely to bump into this pomade one way or the other.

Firmness and scent:

The red version is honey colored, smells slightly sweet and has a texture similar to honey. It's a medium firm pomade, with which beginners should have less problems when it comes to working it into the hair and success should come easy.
Styling tip: Spread product between palms of hands and rub the palm of your hands, using body temperature and friction to soften the pomade. Apply to damp hair and comb. The combing will help to spread the pomade evenly. Then shape your hair the way you want it, and you're done!
Compared to other pomades, Sweet Georgia Brown red is easier to wash out than hard pomades, but the styling will only last you for a day, which can be solved by reapplying as needed.

Contents: 3,1oz - 114gr. (No colors or preservatives)

Petrolatum, Microcrystalline Wax (Cera Microcristalline), Lanolin Wax, Lanolin, Fragrance (Parfum)
Sweet Georgia Brown -Red-
130 Évaluation
4.7 / 5 130
Auteur:  de  20.02.2020
Évaluation:3 de 5 étaoiles!
Ansich ist sie nicht schlecht! Riecht super gut! Allerdings hab ich mir auf den mittelfesten Halt verlassen und ws ist eher wie Haarwachs ... Hält nicht wirklich
Auteur:  de  28.08.2019
Évaluation:4 de 5 étaoiles!
Brought to try for partners hair. Better hold to what he was using. Still trying it
Auteur:  de  22.08.2019
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
Die Pomade ist wirklich toll um die Haare in Form zu halten und bestimmte Frisuren zu erleichtern. Sie riecht gut und nicht aufdringlich, lässt sich für alle Geschlechter benutzen und ist in der Metall-Dose auch schön einfach zu transportieren.
Auteur:  de  03.04.2019
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
sehr schöner glanz, gut zu verarbeiten und top halt
Auteur:  de  11.01.2019
Évaluation:5 de 5 étaoiles!
Prima Pomade, wer sie nicht kennt muß sie ausprobieren !