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Vintage Flaneur #38
Vintage Flaneur #38

Vintage Flaneur #38

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Numéro d`article: VF038
Vintage Flaneur #38
German magazine!

The magazine for a modern life-style of the 20s to 50s!
The Vintage Flaneur offers beautiful and stylish ideas for all women of the world, information about hairstyling and knowledge for the beauty.
But also for men is this mag an interesting way of passing time- men's culture at it's best!
But that is not all! Learn fascinating facts about Germany, culture, artists, literature, art, music, dance, food and beverage...

Whether you already live and love the vintage style, or if you are still looking for a way of a beautiful life: The Vintage Flaneur entertains you with beautiful and interesting facts and shows various ways to have a modern life-style of the 20s to 50s.

The magazine is published every two months.

Content of issue 38:

  • Good taste, good mood
  • Think-It-Yourself: Über Möglichkeitssinn und den gesunden Menschenverstand
  • Aurora borealis: Verzauberte Lichter des Nordens
  • Buchtipp: Liebe kennt kein Alter
  • Do-It-Yourself: Hyggelige Kuscheldecke
  • Was einen Barbier ausmacht: Barbiere da Roberto
  • Flaneursbericht: Hot' n'cold - Mrs. Retromuffins winterlicher Ratgeber
  • und vieles mehr!
  • 118 Seiten

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Vintage Flaneur #38