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Rumble59 Poster - Story of my life
Rumble59 Poster - Story of my life
Rumble59 Poster - Story of my life
Rumble59 Poster - Story of my life

Rumble59 Poster - Story of my life

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Numéro d`article: RUM979
You have enough space in your garage for proper art? This poster shows a hotrod full of rock'n'roll in watercolors. Doesn't matter if you're a greaser, biker oder hotrod fan: If rock'n'roll flows through your veins - then this poster is just the right one for you.

Unique hotrod artwork for your home.

Life goes by so fast - You only wanna do what you think is right - Close your eyes and it's past - Story of my life - The Story of my life
Let's all just do what seems right to us - as Mike Ness has been preaching in his Social Distortion song. Life's too short, right? That's why this hot-rod is screwed together from all the stuff that we need, that we want to do and where we want life to take us. So, pack your bag, scrape your last pennies together and write your life story according to highway to hell.

Rumble59 posters are printed on extra strong paper. The combination of high-quality printing and thick paper ensures a highly durable decoration for your home. Elaborated in high and loving details and printed in maximum resolution are these illustrations a real piece of art for your walls. No matter if it's hanging in your living room, garage or rehearsal room: The unique poster by Rumble59 will look great everywhere. Grab more than only one - one as a gift or just all for yourself.

The Rumble59 poster "Story of my Life" at a glance:

  • High-quality printing
  • Strong / heavy paper (250 g/qm)
  • Big size (A1, 59 cm x 84 cm / 23" x 33")
  • Additional information: Each poster is safely packed and will therefore reach you undamaged.
Rumble59 offers extraordinary posters for rock'n'roll lovers. No doubt: the poster "Story of my Life" belongs to every rockabilly household!
Rumble59 Poster - Story of my life