19. Rockabilly Allnighter Hamburg

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Date(s) - 04.10.14


19. Rockabilly Allnighter Hamburg

Mit folgenden Bands:
Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers (NL)
Smalltown Casanovas (GER)
The Caezars (ENG)


19. Rockabilly Allnighter Hamburg


Miss Mary Ann and the Ragtime Wranglers:
This is the story of Miss Mary Ann and the Ragtime Wranglers.We are an authentic Rockabilly Band and at the moment we are recording our 3rd Miss Mary Ann release.For those of you who haven’t heard of authentic Rockabilly music or are confused with the term Rockabilly now being used for some modern music: authentic Rockabilly is most easily described as the music Elvis played before he got famous. It’s a mixture between Hillbilly (old-time American music) and Rhythm and Blues. With the birth of Rockabilly, it was the first time the music industry was shaken to its core – the shock product by the Punk movement of the mid 1970s was nothing compared to what Rockabilly music did in the mid ‘50s. The church and politicians got involved to try to get it banned. But it turned out to be the first time in music history, that young people really took control of what they wanted to listen to.Some may think we dwell in the past, but if it works for Jazz and Rhythm and Blues and Classical music, why not Rockabilly? The best thing about playing an old style of music in the 21st Century is you can incorporate the best of both worlds. A good example for this is our recording technique. We only use the finest vintage studio microphones (RCA, Neumann, Altec ), a legendary 1950’s RCA-mixer and an Ampex tape recorder before it gets transfered to digital recording equipment. For some years now, the same technique has been used to record modern music in the bigger recording studios all over the world.On our new release there will be some old standards, but mostly original work which we wrote ourselves.We have toured all over the world for over 15 years, playing the biggest Rockabilly festivals on our scene. But we are still fortunate to play small intimate gigs in clubs and bars from Europe to America (and last year we crossed the globe to play in Australia).

Smalltown Casanovas:
Die Smalltown Casanovas sind eine 4-köpfige Band die sich vollends amerikanischer RootsMusic verschrieben hat. Mit einer gesunden Mischung aus 50’s orientiertem Rock’n’Roll, Roadhouse, Rhythm’n’Blues, gehörig Country und etwas Rockabilly und Ska-Einflüssen rocken die Vier sich durch die Clubs und Festivals. Ihr Debüt-Album „A Little Guitar Ride“ erschien im September 2008 auf Rhythm-Bomb Records London Zusammengefunden haben sich die vier Musiker 2007 in München. Tobi und Felix spielten schon früher bei „Plan 9 From Outer Space“ zusammen, einer 50‘s/ 60‘s Lounge Surf Beat Band, Roland & Andy bei den „Saints&Sinners“.

Lured together on an inherent mission to rattle the cobwebs from Rock’n’Roll, THE CAEZARS formed their teenage assault (or insult?) on music in the Summer of 2009, and have since flourished to stray across the borders of Spain; France; Italy; Holland; Sweden; Switzerland and the United States of America. Timed by Sir Mikey Crowley, back-boned by one Steve Neller, thrashed out by Tim Harrison, thundered through by our Danny “O”, and presented through the miscreant jaw of Mister AJ Denning; find THE CAEZARS before they find you. Comprendere?

Einlass ab 20 Uhr


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