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Bamboozle Live
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Datum und Uhrzeit
Date(s) - 08.02.19

Soul Hellcafé

Bamboozle im Soul Hell Café in Essen am 08. Februar 2019

Dynamic. Different. Unique.

Known for their world class musicianship and high energy performances, Bamboozle seamlessly combine the vibe of the swinging 1950’s with the sounds of today, in a way that mesmerises both retro loving and modern audiences.
The band combines internationally renowned singer/guitarist/songwriter Jim Knowler (The Keytones, Gotz Alsmann), injecting his exciting and instantly recognisable guitar riffs, with new face on the scene, singer/bassist/songwriter Serena Sykes, lighting up the stage with her dynamic performances, electric vocal and daring double bass stunts, backed by the slick, thrumming grooves of drummer/vocalist Les Curtis (Imelda May, Darrell Higham, Wanda Jackson).

Einlass : 18.00
Beginn : 20.00
Eintritt : 12€

Alle weiteren Infos findet ihr in der Facebook Veranstaltung.Bamboozle Tour Flyer

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