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Hawaiian shirts - vacations to go

What do American presidents, actors and rock 'n' roll stars have in common? Right, a Hawaiian shirt. With its cheerful colors and exotic design it brings a holiday feeling to every place. In our shop you find high-quality Hawaiian shirts, which are made in Hawaii - the right choice for a beautiful summer.

Hawaiian Shirts put People in a good Mood since the 1930ies

Hawaiian Shirts were first produced in the 30ies, mostly by Chinese and Japanese immigrants. The multicolored summer shirts for men were top sellers right from the start and popular with American soldiers in Hawaii during the Second World War. Many of them brought an Aloha shirt home after the war. In the next years the popularity of the Hawaiian shirt in the US grew and grew. Whether president Harry S. Truman, Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra, they all posed in one of these shirts for the camera. Today the Hawaiian shirt ist still a must-have for any guy's summer wardrobe.


Cheerful and exotic - Hawaiian shirts look like Holidays

Hawaiian shirts put an end to boredom. With their beautiful colors and arty designs they are eyecatchers. Whether traditional with floral prints or decorated with palm trees, ukuleles and surf boards, an Aloha shirt makes you remember long days on the beach and cocktails in an exotic setting - no matter where you spend the summer, on Hawaii or in your own neighbourhood.


Real Hawaiian shirts are produced in Hawaii

Hawaiian shirts differ in many ways, mainly in quality. Today they are produced all over the world. In many cases there is not much Aloha left. Our Hawaiian shirts are still produced on the legendary island. 100% cotton and beautiful designs make them the perfect shirts for an unforgettable summer. They go well with jeans, shorts or swim shorts and are robust enough for any rock 'n' roll party. Aloha!