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Vintage decor: Retro gifts and vintage home decor

Vintage decoration for the Rockabilly lifestyle at home

The 1950s lifestyle section offers you everything from vintage home accessories to retro gifts and some really funky gifts. Besides many funky gifts you will find beautiful vintage kitchen decor and cool 50s decorations for your car, too. But also, some awesome vintage decor for your office like calendars, mousepads and magnets.

Vintage gifts for Rockabillies and Rockabellas

A birthday of a loved one is near and you are looking for a cool vintage present? There are a lot of options for Rockabillies and Rockabellas. Here’s a quick guide to some retro gift ideas.

Vintage gifts for her:

  • Books with vintage hairstyling and makeup tips or art anthologies
  • Patches, buttons and stickers for someone who loves do DIY
  • A cool tin sign with a funny message

Retro gifts for him:

  • A dashboard hula girl or some fuzzy dices for a car enthusiast
  • Unleashed magazine for the latest news from the rockabilly scene
  • Email mug for coffee lovers

50s gifts for the next Rockabilly party or Rockabilly wedding decoration

Classic gifts for a wedding are household goods. You can find a variety of different vintage home accessories and kitchen decor here: Awesome retro clocks, tin boxes and coasters with cool retro decor designs. Planning your own rockabilly wedding? Then you’ll probably need bottle openers, straws and glasses in cool 50s designs.

Vintage decoration for the car - if it is not enough at home

The 50s fascination doesn’t end when you leave your home full of vintage home decor. Your car needs some 1950s lifestyle, too. Wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful hula girl dancing on your dashboard or some classic fuzzy dices on your rear-view mirror?

Posters, decorative signs, retro tin cans and music - dive in into the world of Rockabilly Lifestyle

Want to give your home a vintage makeover? To start, get some awesome posters or tin signs with sexy pin up motifs and cool statements for your walls. 1950s lifestyle is also all about the rockabilly music: check out the CD section. The rest of your vintage home can be decorated with vintage pillow cases, wooden boxes with retro designs or some Hawaii and Tiki decor.