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Vintage fashion brands and 1950s clothing

Retro labels and rock'n'roll lifestyle

Welcome to the biggest brands of the 1930, 1940s and 1950s, presented to you by Rockabilly Rules.The online shop with a huge range of vintage clothing and accessories.

Pomade shop for classic hairstyling

If you're looking for the perfect pomade such as Dax, Schmiere, Murrays Superior or Layrite, then look no further.And if you have a beard, don't worry ? it won't get jealous. We also have a great range of beard-care items in store.

Vintage fashion at its finest, delivered worldwide.

We stock all the hottest vintage fashion labels. Whether you're a fan of Bettie Page, Brixton, Dickies, Hellbunny,Küstenluder, Lucky13, Sourpuss, or any of a whole host of others, then come on in and have a browse.If you're after petticoats, "Marlene pants" or a sailor dress then you're in the right place.Why not check it out for yourself in our online shop, where you can pick and choose your personalfavourites from our 1940s and 1950s collections. If you have questions about the vintage dresses,or need a size guide, then give our hotline a call on +49 (0) 201 87 78 67 87 where you can get helpand advice about the site. Go out there and have fun in the big wide world of rockabilly fashion!