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1950s accessories: Vintage jewelry, handbags and vintage hats

With Rockabilly accessories for women and men to the perfect outfit

Make your outfit perfect with Rockabilly accessories. Whether 50s jewelry, wallet chains or Rockabilly bags, it's often the little things that make a big difference. In our shop you will find a large selection of vintage accessories for rockabillies and rockabellas, hotrodders, bikers and fans of vintage fashion. Get inspired and discover authentic Rockabilly accessories for a rocking 50s outfit.

Chain Wallet, jewelry and Rockabilly bags - these accessories are eyecatchers

Already in the 50s style accessories were perfectly suited to stand out from the grey mainstream and make a statement. Even today they are eye-catchers with rock'n'roll Appeal. This is especially true for the following vintage accessories:

  • Chain Wallets: Wallets with chains look casual and make sure that your money stays with you or your jeans when it gets tough.
  • Vintage jewelry: Whether earrings in retro look, bracelets in tiki design or necklaces with pendants in rockabilly look, jewelry of the 50s is the perfect complement to the vintage dress.
  • Rockabilly suspenders for men: Rockabilly suspenders and belts express masculine coolness and keep your trousers where they belong.
  • Rockabilly headgear: With vintage style hats, 1940s ladies’ hats or caps, you'll be ready for bad hair days and stormy times.
  • Rockabilly bags: You need storage space on the go that cuts a good figure? Vintage and rockabilly handbags are the rock alternative to the ordinary handbag.
  • You'll also find many other vintage accessories: buckles, patches, bandanas, nylons and much more.

Rockabilly Accessories for Men and Women

Besides vintage jewelry for women or Rockabilly suspenders for men you can get accessories for women and men in our Rockabilly online shop. Chain Wallets provide an extra portion of casualness for both sexes and some vintage style jewelry equally suits Rockabillies and Rockabellas. The same applies to many 50s accessories for the head such as vintage hats and caps. That's why we recommend: If you don't want your better half to keep stealing your hat, order two.

How to set accents in everyday life with vintage accessories

Accessories from the 1950s can be used sparingly to set individual accents, for example with minimalist jewelry from the 1950s or individual Rockabilly bags combined with a simple dress. Or you can combine different retro accessories such as Chain Wallet, Buckle and Rockabilly headgear. Whatever you choose, with our wide range of vintage accessories and vintage style jewelry for men and women you are flexible. Go on a journey of discovery in our shop and give your outfit the finishing touches with Rockabilly accessories!