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Pomade and hair wax: Hair products for men

Pomade - What is Pomade?

Pomade is a traditional haircare and styling product which is scented. The first hair pomade was used to style the wigs of nobles in the 18th century. Another important ingredient of pomade is the scent. Back then they put in apples to scent it, which are called “pomo” in Italian and that’s why it was called pomade. Today’s pomades for men have many different scents varying from traditional coconut and beeswax to bubblegum or fruity scents.

How to use pomade and styling tips

  • Take out some pomade and rub it between your hands before running it through your hair
  • Comb your hair to the desired shape
  • You can restyle your hair throughout the day, as pomade does not dry down like gels do.
  • Try a combination of hair products for men to get the best styling result possible

For which hairstyles pomade is most useful

Pomades are best for men’s hairstyles that are done with a comb. Classic pomade hairstyles like pompadours, side parts or the classic ducktail. In the beginning of the 20th century hair pomade was used to style the hair very sleek and elegant. The 50s came along with a wilder look and today hair styling products like hair pomade, hair wax and hair cream for men are popular again.

Which type of hair needs pomade, hair wax or hair cream?

There are two different formulas for hair pomades: traditional oil-based pomades and water-based pomades. Hair wax usually has a lighter hold than pomades, gives a lot of shine to the hair and are therefore better for shorter men’s hairstyles and styles that don’t require extreme hold. Hair cream is best for more laid-back hairstyles or as preparation before other hair styling products are used to style the hair. Especially frizzy or curly hair needs that extra step.

How do I wash pomade out of my hair?

Oil-based pomades are usually hard to wash out, as their ingredients are not water-soluble. However, there are special shampoos to get rid of these pomades. If that’s too much hassle for you, you should try a water-based pomade. They easily wash out with just water and don’t leave a greasy feeling behind.