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A rockabella and her clothes are an inseparable duo by nature. Are you constantly planning your outfits? Flicking through 1950sbooks and magazines, getting inspiration for what to wear on your next occasion? Birthdays, weddings, interviews, exciting first dates? schedules can fill up fast. And we all know the feeling of rummaging through the wardrobe hoping the perfect outfit will justjump out at us. But hey, for a special occasion you could always treat yourself to something new...

Whether you go for a rockabilly dress, pencil skirt, college jacket or "Marlene pants", there's a perfect outfit every occasion.The 1950s style goes hand-in-hand with nylons, a handbag and a great pair of high heels, all of which you can find in our Retro Shop.

"You can't escape from vintage fashion. Because even when fashion goes out of fashion, that's fashion again." ? Karl Lagerfeld

You get an unexpected wedding invitation through the post and now the search is on for a stunning new vintage dress to wear.Or you're just trying to work out which handbag will match your outfit best when your phone rings. Uh oh! You forgot all about that birthday present you needed to buy, and you want something really special and unique.

But don't worry - you're in good hands here. Alongside the countless vintage dresses we also have a large selection of 1950s accessories. Everything that belongs to the rockabilly style!But even if you can't decide what to get them, don't panic ? we also supply gift vouchers!Are you perhaps one of the lucky people who's already planning their next holiday and wants to get themselves a cute 1950s bikini or swimsuit before you jet off? Maybe that favourite pair of jeans has finally had it and the time has come to get yourself a new vintage pair.

"Fashion may not be a weapon of the woman but at least it gives her ammunition" ? Brigitte Bardot

In the spirit of Brigitte Bardot, no-one should just follow fashion blindly. Life is an adventure ? follow your own personal tastes and discover your own vintage style.

Fashion crazes change constantly while vintage fashion remains timeless.

Fashion from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s has so much more to offer than polka dot dresses and petticoats with saddle shoes. You'll not only find a large selection of great pieces in our Rockabilly Rules online shop, but it's also a full of fashion inspiration and styling tips. In our ultra current blog, the Rockabilly Magazine, you'll find a whole host of news, tips, tricks and new things to try within the world of rock'n'roll, fashion and the 1950s. Come and see for yourself!We have over 50 current brands in our online shop, including Hellbunny, Küstenluder and Sourpuss, providing you with the widest range possible to choose from.

Here's another rundown of the most important details:Whether you're looking for dresses, shoes or jewellery, our online shop has everything it takes to get a rockabella's heart racing ? from 1950s hair jewellery, cute pumps and wedges to headdresses for cruising along in an old American convertible. Whether you're a wide-swinging petticoat dress kind of girl or you're more into a figure-hugging pencil skirt, we have the perfect retro pieces waiting for you in our shop - something to suit any individual desire. And for every day wear, a pair of casual jeans teamed with a college jacket will still show off your fabulous figure with style. Or you can become a sexy burlesque queen in a flash with our elegant pin-up style lingerie.

Skirts, dresses, jeans, tops, shirts, blouses, shoes, handbags ? at Rockabilly Rules you'll find everything from the world of vintage fashion at the click of a mouse - so what are you waiting for?!