Rumble59 Denim without a cause

RUMBLE 59 embodies rockabilly style. It brings to mind a very different time when Moonshiners took to the streets to race their hot rods against Hillbilly Cops. Gasoline. Home-distilled moonshine. It was a time when Rockabilly street gangs fought for control of Little Italy. Rock 'n Roll style was born as the music world's idols took to the stage.RUMBLE 59 is the epitome of rockabilly style clothing. It's the antithesis of today's style; there's no room for bling,animal prints or size zero denim. RUMBLE 59 is the real deal in rockabilly clothing. There are no bells, no whistles. Just iconic simplicity and style ? just like the '32 Ford V8!

RUMBLE 59 clothes

suitable not only for wrenching at the garage, but also for everyday lifeand wherever it takes you ? from everyday life to that Friday night party and beyond.