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Hair care and styling for Rockabillies and Teddy Boys

The bible already told us that hair has a lot to do with strength. Here you find many products for styling and nurturing which help you keeping you strength: pomades, shampoos und many more. So you have everything you need to keep your hair in good shape and walk through life with a decent rockabilly hairstyle. Besides pioneer brands of rock 'n' roll hairstyling you find many interesting newcomers in our shop and the complete collection of Schmiere product. Combs in rockabilly look are the perfect tools for the styling.

Pomades, shampoos, combs - get your hair into shape

Quiff, slickback or pompadour...find the right pomades for your favourite hairstyling in our shop. Classic brands like Sweet Georgia Brown or Black and White already served rockabilly stars back in the 50s. They are still a great choice for a good looking rockabilly hairstyle. You are searching for promising newcomers? Discover young brands like Suavecito, Hey Joe! or Dapper Dan. Or let our Schmiere raven show you its ever growing collection of products. Strong, medium or soft, for unruly hair or with a slight shine - you have the choice. Waterbased pomades are easy to wash out, for all the others we offer you special shampoos for Greasers and Teddy Boys. Now all you need are the right tools? Combs in rockabilly look and made of zinc are a must-have for your bathroom and the pockets of your jeans. No matter who or what messes up your hairstyle on the road with one of our combs it's easy to fix it right away.


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Show 1 to 40 (of in total 112 products)