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Dax Red Wave & Groom
Dax Red Wave & Groom
Dax Red Wave & Groom
Dax Red Wave & Groom

Dax Red Wave & Groom

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Product no.: HAIR001

Dax Red Wave & Groom

Pomade for especially strong hold
DAX Wave & Groom is characterized by strong hold, especially for wavy hair or strong swirls and offers high resistance in all situations. Whether at parties and concerts, in the swimming pool or at sports, in the heat of the summer or in the rainy, stormy autumn: with this pomade the hairstyle fits like a glove and gets a nice shine, but still remains malleable.
Due to its creamy consistency DAX Wave & Groom Pomade is ideal for forming even unruly or thick hair into a perfect quiff and is therefore the better alternative to hair gel. Once applied to the hair, it lasts the whole day without drying through and ensures that the hair is firmly attached and yet remains flexible.

Gone are the days when you had the feeling of carrying a stone on your head. Unlike liquid hair gel, DAX Wave & Groom pomade is much firmer, stickier and tougher, and it takes some experience to achieve the desired results. However, once the pomade has been warmed by the scalp (or by preheating the hair with a hairdryer), the hair can be perfectly shaped. Once you have a little practice, you will never want to go back to hair gel again.
DAX Wave & Groom Pomade in the red tin is the ideal base to bring shape to curly or thick hair and complements wonderfully with Murray's Super Light, Murray's Hair-Glo or DAX Short & Neat Pomade (in the blue tin), which finally refine the hairstyle perfectly.

Strength and scent: The DAX Wave & Groom is honey-coloured and relatively odourless, perhaps reminiscent of honey. And so it also sticks to your fingers. In terms of consistency, this DAX pomade is very firm and tough. Beginners will probably find it difficult to spread the pomade in their hair.
Application & styling tips: With solid hair wax pomades such as DAX Wave & Groom, NuNile or Murrays Superior, beginners are quickly frustrated because the tough mass sticks to the fingers, comparable to paste. It is also difficult to spread it in the hair.
A good trick: Warm up the firm pomade slightly with a hair dryer beforehand. To style, take a finger full of pomade (for thin hair) or two fingers full (for thick, wavy or curly hair) and spread the pomade over the palms of your hands. In the beginning, the rule of thumb is: less is more! Now stroke your hands over your hair or run your fingers between your hair. Finally, when the pomade becomes firmer again, comb the hair into the desired shape.

Content: 3oz - 99gr (without colorants and preservatives)
Ingredients: Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Lanolin, Fragrance (Parfum), Benzyl Benzoate Coumarin, Geranoil, Linalool, d-Limonene, Peru Balsam

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Dax Red Wave & Groom
83 Reviews
4.8 / 5 83
 at  04/05/2023
Gutes Produkt, kann man empfehlen !!
 at  09/10/2020
Using this pomade for twenty years, tried many others, always returned. Toughest. Put curls straight. Keep quiff high- rain or shine.
 at  01/04/2020
Wenns wirklich, wirklich heftig halten soll!
 at  05/03/2020
Einer meiner liebsten Pomaden hält einfach super
 at  03/04/2019
top halt, tausend mal besser als gel oder wachs