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The Team of Rockabilly Rules

Once again it was our brave detective Kowalski being responsible for another success in the never ending battle against organized crime!
In a never seen before crackdown it was possible to arrest every single member of the infamous "Red Hot & Blue" Gang. Each of these mean individual is a threat to society and good order for his own, but their ruthless syndicate in crime caused many sleepless nights to all officers and cops.
These are the suspects:
Rockabilly Rules Team Stephan
Grown up between barrels of Moonshine, easy girls and tough guys. "Steve Big Fish" learned from the very beginning what was needed to stand his ground in the mean streets. Many years later Big Fish lives up to his nickname and gets one big catch after another with his bunch of gangsters.
After doing his time in prison, Stephan is responsible for the management, organisation and webshop at Red Hot & Blue.
Rockabilly Shop and Vintage Shop
Due to her graceful but unimpressive appearance combined with her hardhitting right fist "Sledgehammer Silke" earned quite some bucks in the fighting cabinets between Chicago and Detroit. Today she organizes the bloodiest bareknuckle-fights and always keeps an eye on filling her pockets.
After doing her time in prison, Silke is responsible for the management, organisation and webshop at Red Hot & Blue.
Rockabilly Büro
"6-ft-Sandy" knows definitely how to blow things up and is the Explosives-Specialist for every heist. Merely her passion for the color pink and the resulting pink TNT-packages let some eyebrows rise from time to time. But only until the blasting fuze is burned down.
After doing her time in prison, she is in charge of administration, organisation and communication at Red Hot & Blue.
The Speedjunkie "Sonja the lightning" is always a good choice for each getaway with her 4-WD Motorcar and her pedal to the metal. Guns and rifles is something she can't stand, but she can always rely on the explosive mixture in her tank.
After doing her time in prison, Sonja takes care of the Red Hot & Blue Store in Essen and the returns.
Rockabilly Presse und Kommunikation
As an unobtrusive clerk, Achara pulls the strings of her world-wide dreaded espionage network. Top-rated commercial enterprises hire her frequently as an expert for search engines, assemblers and pong games - the ideal door opener for her espionage alter ego Rosa Sacharow.
After doing her time in prison, Achara is responsible for the editorial department, social media and public relations at Red Hot & Blue.
Youthful beauty, innocent appearance and tempting cupcakes, these are Lara’s unbeatable weapons. Nowadays known as the “Killing Cupcake”, she is responsible for uncountable contract kills. Nobody was able to resist her creamy frostings, but that exactly was the disaster, as it was containing the fatal ingredient: Lara, the personalized death at coffee time.
After doing her time in prison, Lara takes care of social media and editorial work at Red Hot & Blue.
The borderland between Mexico and Texas is the alley of Sophia aka "Shady Sophie". Truckloads of cigarettes, booze and plushbears have crossed the border nearly invisible for the eyes of the law.
After doing her time in prison, Sophia takes care of the customer service and wholesale at Red Hot & Blue.
La Bandida "Six-Shooter-Sonja" knows every route of the South Tijuana Mining Company's money couriers. She makes no prisoners when it comes to looting the money bags and gold-filled cassettes.
After doing her time in prison, Sonja takes care of the Red Hot & Blue Store in Essen and the returns.
"Born and raised with bone fractures and blood bottles it was just a little step for Bonebreaker Annie to become the brain of her bloodthirsty slugger clan. La familia must be taken literally in this case: The fearless godmother Annie is a gainful benefit in the ruthless battle between the syndicates.
After doing her time in prison, Sandra alias Annie takes care of the Red Hot & Blue Store in Essen and the returns.
"Mad J the Painter" started his shady career in counterfeit money, using his dumb-looking appearance as a disguise to gain popularity with his heists and coups in the international art scene.
After doing his time in prison, Jan works for Rumble59 as freelance illustrator and designer.
Mareike "the coldblooded cobra" followed her grand-grand-grandma's footsteps who was one of the most sought after stagecoach-robbers of the 19th century. Nowadays "the cobra" is known as a down-and-diry Robin Hood-like avenger, taking it from the rich and giving it to the helpless animals.
After doing his time in prison, Mareike is responsible for product-managment, design and pattern construction.
Since his childhood-days Mario alias „Tommygun“ hasn’t been himself without some heavy ordnance in his hands. For years he served the italian Mob at hell’s kitchen with large caliber guns, switchblades and more exquisite deadly weapons. Still today he swaggers that one of his weapons has been responsible for the murder of Don Gambino. Every shot a deadly hit!
After doing his time in prison, Mario is responsible at Red Hot & Blue for mailorder and events.
"Tall Olaf the Hunter"'s profession is bountyhunting! In smokey back rooms he chases gangsters on parole, who may have paid his last beer or even tried to cheat on him in one of the countless pokergames. So far he has always caught his prey.
After doing his time in prison, he is responsible for mailorder and warehouse at Red Hot & Blue.
"Looking for a getaway car? Bold Björn „The Mechanic“ has the perfect vehicle for every heist: Bobby cars for bubblegum robberies, road tanker for booze contrabands or a 32’ Ford for your personal Bonnie and Clyde revival.
After doing his time in prison, Björn is responsible for mailorder and warehouse at Red Hot & Blue.
Sascha alias "4 Aces" is the incarnated cold-bloodedness at every poker table. Indeed his carrier started as shady as the establishments he called his home. But by now his coups are even more successful and contrived. Rumor has it that every single skill of the “Ocean” characters is based on this ingenious desperado.
After doing his time in prison, Sascha is responsible for mailorder and warehouse at Red Hot & Blue.
In Detroit, "Mad Rhino" is doing her job under the guise of the contemplative miracle shop "Madame Bolt": it starts with simple sabers and definitely won't stop with a man-high hamster wheel with razor-sharp kicks! Partly for the money, partly for pleasure she gets from everyone the info she needs - sooner or later...
After serving her sentence, Lisa is in charge of sales, shop and returns at Red Hot & Blue.
In the streets of Boston,"Easy Fingers Pat" perfected his smart gentleman look and, more importantly, his unparalleled dexterity. He disappears entire containers in a breath - smuggling and moving hot goods successfully ensure that his always filled wallet, which his tailor will be happy to empty again...
After serving his sentence, Patrick is responsible for mail order processing at Red Hot & Blue.